Deciding who to vote for

There are heaps of ways you can decide who to vote for. This decision will be different for everyone and it takes a combination of heart, your values, the issues you care about, and the type of future you want to live in.

There are a bunch of tools that can help you get an idea of what each party is about:

On The Fence


On The Fence is a gameful questionnaire that guides people towards finding their best match amongst the parties standing in the General Election. It's been made especially for young Kiwis and first-time voters.



Policy draws on publicly available information about the key election policies of New Zealand’s political parties, puts them all in one place and presents them in a consistent and accessible way. You can favourite policies as you browse and see a breakdown of which you like.

Any Questions


Any Questions is a Q & A website where New Zealanders can ask the parties questions in the lead up to the election. It’s an easy way to find out the parties’ positions on issues, and to compare their views side by side. It’s also a way for you to make your voice heard this election, and get the parties talking about the things that are important to you.