How to vote

Voting takes about 10 min and has never been easier to fit into your schedule. You can vote between the 11th and the 23rd of September.

1. Find a polling place

First up, figure out where you want to vote. There are heaps of voting places, most unis and polytechs have polling places on campus so you’ll be able to do it between classes.

Once they are announced, the Electoral Commission website will have a map to find the place closest to you.

You can absolutely vote outside your electorate. You’ll need to cast a special vote, but this is easy as and the people at the polling place will help you do it! 

2. Chat with the registrar

When you get to the polling place, you’ll check in with the registrar at the entrance. 

They’ll grab your name and your address to mark you off on the roll. They’ll also hook you up with your ballot paper.

3. Fill out your ballot

After that, you get to go into a little booth to fill out your paper. You’ll get two votes, and your voting paper will look something like this.

You can take all the time you need and ask the people at the polling place if you have any questions.

4. Whack it in the box

Fold your paper in half and put it in the box! That’s it, you’ve voted! Congrats!!