Info for first time voters

Never voted before? All good! First up you’ll need to enrol. You can enrol right up to Friday 22nd September, but it’s best to do it before 23rd August to be sent everything you need to make voting super easy.

Already enrolled? Or unsure? Check or update your details here

1. Get a form // fill it out

Enrolling to vote takes one form. One! It’s one page long and way more simple than you’d think.

Here’s three ways you can do it, choose the one that’s easiest for you:

  • Request an enrolment form be sent to your flat here.
  • Freetext 3676 with your name and address and you’ll be sent an enrolment form.
  • If you have a verified RealMe account you can enrol online here.

2. Decide which roll to be on

If you’re Māori, you’ll get a choice between enrolling on the Māori roll or the general roll. If you choose the general roll, you’ll vote for a candidate in a general electorate. If you choose the Māori roll, you’ll vote for a candidate in a Māori electorate. For more info on what that means, check out our page on how the election works.

No matter which roll you choose, you can only change roll types during the Māori electoral option which happens every 5 years - usually at the same time as a census. 

3. Post it!

If you’ve requested a form be sent to you, you’ll need to fill it out and pop it in the envelope provided then find a postbox to put it in. We’re guessing you’re probs not super familiar with your closest postbox, but you can use this tool to find it.

Get in touch with us by DMing us on Facebook if you’re keen for some help! One of our awesome team will be able to talk you through the process or answer any questions. We’re all young people too, and we get it.